A Beard is a Wish Your Heart Makes


send this to your crush. just. just do it

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The only reason i enjoy going to bed is so i can make stories up in my head which makes my brain think it’s actually real




don’t ever let this die

i just watched this 20 times in a row..

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I live in perpetual fear of getting a splinter from a popsicle stick


my heart says yes but my mom says no




I think I may have found the perfect presidential candidate:


Press play if you still need convincing. 

oh mygod


Answer this with 10 things about yourself then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers!

first of all, I love you. (scattyandjack is a must follow)
second of all, here we go:

1. English/Journalism Major and Marketing Minor
2. I love backpacking and camping more than life
3.If I could be anything, I’d be a film director— but there are complications there so I’ll stick with editing and publishing
4.I have a scar on my right cheek from where I was bitten by a dog at the age of three
5. I have a scar on my left foot (like the entirety of my left foot) from when a pot of boiling water was dropped on my at the age of two
6. I’m Catholic (no that doesn’t mean I’m against gay marriage so please stop asking)
7. I want to work as the editor for a magazine or publishing company in Chicago or NYC er something 
8. I abandoned all of my friends in order to rid my life of negativity and surround myself with people who don’t insult me or others as a game. 
9.I take online classes for no credit in order to learn about the things I want like photography and cinematography— even astronomy, a little physics, and chem. Just whatever I’m in interested in.
10. I still have a flip phone and I am not ashamed

Okay, a little anticlimactic, but there you go :D

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my hair is blonde????

Share 5 facts about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers!

I am flattered! All right. 5 facts….

1. Jazz is my most favorite thing
2. My favortie color is the orange-red tinge of the horizon at night (don’t make fun of me, it’s true)
3. I love trees. Like a lot. 
4. In fact, all I want in life is rose bushes, bees, and apple trees
5. I say I hate people all the time, but the truth is that I really LOVE theindividual. I like faces and personalities and stuff. 

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